A module for SeAT that holds fittings and can compare the required skills for a fit to your character.

Latest Stable Version License

If you have issues with this, you can contact me on Eve as Crypta Electrica, or on the [](SeAT Discord)

Quick Installation:

In your seat directory (By default: /var/www/seat), type the following:

php artisan down
composer require denngarr/seat-fitting

php artisan vendor:publish --force --all
php artisan migrate

php artisan up

And now, when you log into ‘Seat’, you should see a ‘Fittings’ link on the left.

Good luck, and Happy Hunting!! o7

Usage Tracking

In order to get an idea of the usage of this plugin, a very simplistic form of anonymous usage tracking has been implemented.

Read more about the system in use here