A module for SeAT that tracks SRP requests

This plugin write for SeAT is providing to your instance a way to manage your ship replacement program (SRP)

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If you have issues with this, you can contact me on Eve as Crypta Electrica, or on email as ‘crypta@crypta.tech

Quick Installation:

In your seat directory (By default: /var/www/seat), type the following:

php artisan down
composer require denngarr/seat-srp

(You can skip this step if you are running 3.x) After a successful installation, you can include the actual plugin by editing config/app.php and adding the following after:

         * Package Service Providers...



and save the file. Now you’re ready to tell SeAT how to use the plugin:

php artisan vendor:publish --force
php artisan migrate

php artisan up

And now, when you log into ‘Seat’, you should see a ‘Ship Replacement Program’ link on the left.

Discord Webhook (optional)

Automated notifications of new SRP Requests submitted in Discord

In Discord application:

  1. On a channel of your choice, click the cog icon to open the channel settings
  2. In the channel settings, navigate to the Webhooks tab
  3. Click Create Webhook
  4. Fill in name for the webhook and (optional) image
  5. Copy the Webhook URL
  6. Click Save to finish creating the webhook

In SeAT .env file:

The SeAT .env file accepts two variables for the webhook:

  1. (required) SRP_DISCORD_WEBHOOK_URL: this is the url you copied when creating the webhook in Discord
  2. (optional) SRP_DISCORD_MENTION_ROLE: this can be a room mention (e.g. @here), a Discord role ID, or a specific user ID - Role ID and User ID can be obtained by typing /@rolename into a channel (e.g. /@srp_manager)

Example of .env entries:


Good luck, and Happy Hunting!! o7