A module for SeAT that allows for creating plaintext shareable pages

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Quick Installation

Docker Install

Open the .env file (which is most probably at /opt/seat-docker/.env) and edit the SEAT_PLUGINS variable to include the package.

# SeAT Plugins
# This is a list of the all of the third party plugins that you
# would like to install as part of SeAT. Package names should be
# comma separated if multiple packages should be installed.

Save your .env file and run docker-compose up -d to restart the stack with the new plugins as part of it. Depending on how many other plugins you also may have, this could take a while to complete.

You can monitor the installation process by running:

docker-compose logs –tail 5 -f seat-web

Blade Install

In your seat directory (By default: /var/www/seat), type the following:

php artisan down
composer require cryptaeve/seat-text

php artisan vendor:publish --force --all
php artisan migrate

php artisan up

And now, when you log into ‘SeAT’, you should see a ‘SeAT Text’ link on the left.